Whoa there (prod. heez & Blue Rondo)

whoa there
u said u wouldnt go there

whoa there
mamasita with the gold hair
whoa there
mamasita with the body body
u caught me feelin bout it bout it
i c u on the treadmill workin that

whoa there
she walk up to my school like she go here
she walk up everywhere like she dont care
she walk up on yo bitch like she own that
thats y she got me sayin

whoa there
u said u wouldnt go there

whoa there
flexin on these hoes like
whoa there
pretty lil face & the gold hair
walk up in this bitch like hello there
oh dear oh dear

Spent the last 8 years just finessing these chicks
Got walked in on the first time i was Losing my shit
i was a late bloomer. i Hadnt seen any tits
Then went through 99 broads now im losing my shit
i need a reality check im losing my grip
i need a main bad thing. give a fuck bout a whip
But then i do bad tings and they hate me for it
So thats y every single day im like Fuck it im lit
Nowadays i need somewhere to Live
Mickey Ds in the stomach cuz i gotta pay rent
im a horny fucking mammal tho get over this shit
She like i hope u dont end up with that ugly bitch
im just like girl, that was a fine ass stripper
Her name is Bailey. She works at cheetahs up on hollywood
She said a man and woman cant be friends
They either wanna have sex or play pretend
So call me up if u need somewhere to sit
My face a leather chair u should try it, its lit
And since u rolling a spliff we should give it a rip
i like it when u call me baby while im rubbing ur clit

what can i say about u
u got my jaw on the floor
irresponsible the way u walk out that door
i c ur body curvin all over my sweet dreams
girl i still care about u no matter how it seems

whoa there
u said u wouldnt go there

oh baby would u bounce with me?
im broke, but a dance is free