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family tv heez

Dear Viewers 1,258,301 & 1,258,302,

i hope you understand that you’re witnessing the future. the image on the screen occurred on August 12th, 2015. im taking a picture of myself on a security camera monitor with an i phone. an i phone is a device that connects you to the rest of the world at all times. im wearing a nirvana t-shirt. nirvana is a grunge rock band that exploded with energy fueled by uncontainable emotion. nirvana was formed 20 years before the first i phone was released. the woman with the curly hair behind me is my mom. shes buying me some new nike running shoes, because she said my old ones were too worn down. nike is an athletic apparel company formed in oregon on january 25th, 1964, which is today for you guys. nike is also the greek goddess of victory, but its possible you already knew that. my mom is not only on your screen, but also in your presence right now. she is one of you. she is sitting on your lap looking at her son and at her adult-self on the screen. she now currently owns an i phone, but doesnt really love nirvana all that much. thought youd like to know a couple minor details about the daughter that you will continue to raise.



heez, clarence