the beauty of words

arctic heez

what shall i find beauty in next?
there’s gotta be something else
to fill me with an abundance of ideas and creative outflow

i’d write about the sun, but everyone does that
i’d write about the stars, but everyone does that
variations of the same topics perpetually remain at the forefront of our artistic consumption
that’s cool – there’s nothing wrong with that
but i’m looking for something else

do i really have to bear the burden of getting so close to the core of something that i’m constantly getting burnt in order to create at my highest potential?
so far that seems to be the case

i don’t wanna talk about perception
i don’t wanna talk about reality
that’s boring
i don’t wanna talk about light
i don’t wanna talk about dark
that’s beaten to the ground

should i talk about my favorite artists?
no. i wanna be my favorite artist
maybe i’ll talk about myself then
maybe others will relate then
i guess i’ll just pretend when –
something pulls me in again –
that i’m still me again