The 3 Elements of Creative Drive


To create great art we have to be courageous by facing our biggest fears. That involves diving within ourselves and exploring the deeply entrenched complications that have been piling up inside of us since birth. This inward journey takes years and years to cultivate and then manifest into great art. Doing this right creates a final product that has the power to heal ourselves as well as other people.


Im alone instead of hanging out. All my roommates are outside drinking beers, kicking a soccer ball around and Im upstairs writing. The question is: why? Why do motivated creative people sacrifice so much in order to get to the level they want to get to? Maybe because the reward is unquantifiable.


My dad always said musicians get the loudest applause – people applaud, because you give them someone to relate to and something that makes them feel not alone. They applaud, because you have chosen one of the hardest possible paths you can take in life and came out of it on top. Thats why they clap for you. You were able to do this, not only because you were able to take a sincere look inside of yourself, but also because you were strong enough to share what you found with other people. Artists that have successfully shifted culture get the loudest applause, not because the fans love the artists as people, but because these artists have succeeded at helping fans find a little truth within themselves. I believe that this reaction towards your work can create one of the most fulfilling feelings in an artist, because it indicates that you have successfully accomplished what you set out to do. Naturally, the biggest reward generally requires the longest journey and hardest sacrifice.