Social Media Addiction

I have the biggest problem with social media
I need constant approval
I need the likes
I want them
I need them
I love them
I need you to like me
I need you to like
I need you to
I need you
I need
In my room
Staring at the wall
Perception is reality
This is all a front
At times
This is just make believe
You know…
I wonder if you might be
Just afraid as I am
For that… I need the likes
The likeminded
To really connect with me here
The like you really feel lost too
The like who am I supposed to
Please I’m begging for understanding
And meaning
Please give it to me likes
The bandwagon
Trending topic likes
Just to feel appreciated like
It’s popular like
And I’m trying feel that too
Like she needs to like this photo
Like he needs to like this photo
To know that I like you know like
His photo liked her photo like
She got a professional filter Assitant
Living in her mind
Working long shifts
No breaks
Cheap labor like
She does not get paid for this..
Or not enough
Like he wants to pay
For a gimmick to act as tough
As this pain we hide
When we’re feeling love
And the least way possible
Like I need a hug and
To feel your touch
Mama liking all my photos
From far away ain’t doing much
I feel trapped
A world away from worlds
I’m not alive but alive
In the same world
I just want to dance.
I just want to sing
I just want to BE
Dammit I just want to BE
But I’m so caught up in its image
I can never BE
I can never see that
I give up all my power
You determine what I keep
What I delete
Here’s your receipt
Thank you for your purchase
Instant gratification
You are now entertained
And all that remains
Is well…
I need
I need you
I need you to
I need you to like
I need you to like me.
You ever feel this way?
Maybe I’m alone
Maybe I’m alone…
Or maybe I’m not

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