There’s this rage inside me that is usually successfully stowed away in a cage, but sometimes it comes out. it came out just now – i’m breathing heavy, my face is flushed, my heart is pumping, adrenaline is oozing out of my sweat glands or whatever you call them. THIS WHOLE POST SHOULD BE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS BUT i’M SANE ENOUGH TO KNOW HOW OBNOXIOUS THAT WOULD BE!!!!!!! It honestly feels good to know i can get this worked up over something again. APATHY SUCKS. i’m actually excited about this recent wave of RAGE. i’m mad because i recognized something was fucked up and i was like “you know what? I’m not gonna stay silent”. i hope i react like this more often when i run into stuff that irks me. i’m a fighter. in THIS specific moment, i know what I believe and i have full confidence in the integrity of what i believe and so i’m gonna face the issue head on and i don’t give one single fuck about the repercussions i could face in the process. i think i’m actually creating good karma for myself here, what do you think? i acted out harshly, but respectfully. Most importantly, I acted out based on truth. It felt quite good. Yaaaay raaaage!