Pink $kies

outlier in the truest sense
what u wan know bout me it all depends
even if i gotta resort to violence
ay hey when u hear the sirens
just adjust the speed of ur gold plated rims
oo. this is no way to binge
cocaine on the table all the bitches goin in
& i love all of her friends
ay, sippin limonada with tequila & the vodka & i dont wanna pretend
like im not thinking bout sex every mothafuckin second that i
spend in a benz w the black chick in the white
i got pictures from the bathroom last night
corinthians to mathew
stopped goin to church unless i cant avoid it oo

i love pink $kies
yes i do.
my memory is fading,
but right now the moon i$ waning.
i dont even have to $ay $hit
cuz i love pink $kies.

jus laying back we smokin indica
she smokin backwoods in the lavender
undergarments. Go retarded girl.
jus gettin started i aint finish yet
dont get offended cuz i aint pretendin
my words inventive while yall unattentive
the name is Heez if u aint pay attention
my girl aware of my every feti$h
ur girl aware that u wont admit it
her satisfaction take precedence
sometimes u gotta set a precedent
i might just end it from this precipice.
uh, heavenly father i be feeling hellish
drankn stellas with a couple fellas
ay, since a youngin i been…
3000 years from now these flows a relic.