if the moon caREs about Me

heez blue blur

photo by Casey Astorino

Part 1 (September 26, 2015 // 3:24am)

Theres a balance between chasing what you want and being happy. When youre feeling crappy, light one, pour one. tomorrow comes rapidly. circles keep cycling. nothing changes all a sudden. ready 2 die in my ears while im writing. everybody keeps fighting, but they also stay hiding.

i look up at the moon and its staring back at me. i tell her that shes beautiful. she tells me that im small. i tell her that shes old. she tells me that shes youthful. most perfectly placed freckle that the skies were ever blessed with. the only resource that humans barely mess with. but somewhere on that rock: red, blue and white wave at me, so i wave back – no wind to keep the fabric flapping.

i shoot that high, but know not bout building spaceships. what would be the point if i wasnt trying to say shit. theres only so much to say that hasnt been said yet. maybe more start listening, talkings overrated. its crazy how much time we spend chasing the paycheck. am i dead yet? no. too many words i havent read yet.

trying to figure out if my life makes sense or jabberwocky. going on a quest to find out if the moon caREs about Me… (to be cont.)