innovation & procreation

theres a relationship that one should be aware of between the desire to innovate and the desire to procreate.

the desire to innovate can be a very large, powerful factor in your life. it may hold a permanent residency in the back of your mind, especially if you already have a project you are passionately developing. i find myself constantly thinking of ways and situations that can further my project – how can i reach more people? how can i make this bigger? how can i make this better? its a love that drives me. it fills me with purpose and gives my life meaning. im talking, of course, about the desire to innovate. to create. to follow my own light.

on the other hand, we got the desire to procreate. at the end of the day, we ARE still animals. nature wants us to procreate, to leave a seed behind so that, while we may be leaving this world, a physical piece of us will remain on earth. sometimes, a certain special someone comes along and hits you with the Arctic Monkeys style ooh la la. This can be a totally overwhelming sensation that takes over both your mind and body. The butterflies, the tingles, the lightness. These are all things that happen to us when we get hit with the ooh la la. i believe its nature telling us that its time to procreate (even though society has found ways to circumvent literal procreation)

That ooh la la feeling grounded in the desire to procreate is very different from the sensation stemming from the desire to innovate. While the desire to procreate generates a much more potent sensation, it also usually lasts a much shorter time than the sensation from the desire to innovate, which lasts exponentially longer for a motivated creator. Think of the ooh la la feeling as a sprint and the urge to create as a long distance run.

When the ooh la la feeling is in full force, my desire to innovate and create reaches a peak, prolifically bringing out all my feelings into tangible form. when the ooh la la feeling loses its momentum, the creative juices may die down a bit with it, but they always stay alive.

i must admit that a fear of mine used to be that the desire to procreate would act as water to the fire that is my desire to innovate. i think the key is to keep a balance in mind so that the ooh la la feeling never has the chance to completely take over what is a strong and persistent, yet less potent feeling in the desire to innovate. Many dreams end when someone meets their future spouse and then chooses a life dedicated to the other person instead of a more balanced life that keeps their dreams involved. My advice to myself and to other creatives is to use the desire to procreate to boost creativity and not kill it.

if the desire to innovate and the desire to procreate were on a graph, ideally i would want them to be a flat line and when procreation peaks, innovation peaks equally. i never want the innovation line to ever fall below its base value.