Feelings don’t die

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photo by Beverly Des

Feelings dont die. they fade in and out like the seasons. they hibernate like bears – but bears die. feelings are tricky sons of bitches. they hide and they hide, but they never die. and when you least expect it, they scare you from behind, making you jump in fright – only to see a familiar face when you finally turn around.

Feelings are like faces. when youve been around a face for long enough, youll remember it when you see it again. likewise, feelings that have been around long enough in the past are instantly recognizable when they come back.

Feelings have triggers. Triggers can range from places to words to actions to specific people and works of art. if you learn to recognize the things that trigger the feelings, you can choose which triggers to separate yourself from and which triggers to move towards with caution – whatever your gut says. but regardless, theres nothing we can do to avoid feelings. thats ok. watch them fade in and out like waves on the beach.firma