dallas thoughtz i

Its weird knowing Im about to jump into a very different phase in my life. Its exciting, but Im also nervous that I will have too much going on. The thought of stacking too much on my plate can only be counteracted by taking it one day at a time.

I feel that recently my writing is going around in circles. Im doubting myself. Is it good? Is it this? Is it that? Its sporadic for sure. What am I trying to get at? Its exhausting. Im exhausted by the thoughts in my head. Thats why sleep is so amazing – because the incessant thoughts are diluted into a different, perhaps more relaxed state of consciousness.

I am fascinated with the idea of dreams. Where do they come from? What makes me dream certain things on certain nights? Do my dreams affect the way I start my day the next day?

Morning thoughts are the worst. Its like as soon as I wake up, they ambush me. Day in and day out I have to fight them off. Or maybe, dreams are so good that morning thoughts suck, because they come literally right after dreams. Its like the opening band putting on a way doper show than the headlining act.