x (private) y (private)

x (private)
y (private)
these r the things got me trippin
trippin on my own shoelaces
thats the cards that i was holdin
youngin went to texas like its hold em
red my favorite color but tonight im feeling blue
autumn leaves fallin & im fallin 4 u
ice in my veins but in my heart i got some mushy stuff
all i pray 2 god is that someday im feeling good & stuff
depression hold me down but im fighting 4 my life
tensions boiling up like the bubbles in some sprite
days on days on days i was higher than a kite
now i look around with no green like red light
life it catches up 2 u im ready 4 my life
life it catches up like ur running & got caught
i dont wanna do it if i do it out of spite
i dont wanna do it cuz tonight i wanna cry
talking 2 a friend on the facetime had him blocked
realized i had all the ppl care about me blocked
ppl care about me & i didnt even notice
lately feel i had my life out of focus
bogus. pocus. worried bout my stock.
oxidian in my pocket all the day i carry rocks.
never fucked a model chick
dreams of gettin hella rich
medicine was heaven sent
body is a edifice
almost lost it all. killed myself. it wasnt right
got 2 many ppl care about me in my life.
red. blue. green. purple. colors what i like
paintin on this canvas like my feelings were real bright
silence aint my enemy i use it
relax on the couch of my choosin
millenial generation we on weird shit
dads blood in my veins made me fearless
i cant be no one but myself & i
do it 4 myself cuz i cannot die
capitalism weighin on me real heavy
instagram everybodys real happy
past is in the past & the futures in the future
now is in the present anything else u cant be too sure
feeling real nasty like my bitch from college
cuz i cant find a way to get away from all this
most days im a little sad like i was in college
lots of days im really sad if im being honest
black paint on my nails eyeliner on my eyelids
@ this point i do not now if ever i will have kids
make my parents proud was important at some point
i do not know what is important @ this point
life is flying by spark it up i spliff a joint
i like flying high from the inside of my voice
anger flaring up gotta spray that shit bazooka
fore it does more damage than it did when i knew ya
ice. water. fire. rain.
smell the earthy forest treehouses in my brain
fuck a copycat i am just staying in my lane
if anything @ least i know i do not sound the same
i just keep on writing in the hopes that something catches on
writin anything opposite i went bad shit on
daffadils & roses they remind me of ur pretty scent
flowers in the sidewalk stop & smell them they r heaven sent
time goes by so fast so slowly
if u wanna live or die feeling lonely
i wanna know is such a thing as 1 & only
polygamy monogamy i might go cop a rollie
life slowly fades then bites back i shine back
karma is a bitch ask me how i like that
life slowly fades then bites back i shine back
karma is a bitch i dont really fight back
count stacks if i had em but rn i just got paper
paper that im writing on i write a c u l8r
momma on my mind cuz we aint talked in the whole year
i got trust issues bad issues bad oo yea