American Beauty (2015)

Sometimes the answer is right there on a golden platter, but you are blinded by what SEEMS to be right in front of you. Sometimes, what is right in front of you, is really nothing at all – an illusion that’s pretending to be your reality. If you could just take one moment to step back from it with a completely unbiased perspective, you might see exactly what you need to do. instead of dragging something out for an unnecessary amount of time, get it over with. Make the tough decision – Make it quick, because life’s too short to be slowed down by illusions. Pull through with it in the morning even if you made up your mind about it at night when it’s much easier to be bold. Stand up for yourself – don’t be pushed around by your own attachment to the ideal, which is really nothing but drudgery. I can’t say i live by this all the time – after all, i AM human. but i do believe it. All it takes is one choice to get the ball rolling – and who knows if it will ever stop?